Discover Your Life Calling

Have you ever met someone or known a person who seems like everything just falls into place in their life? Chances are you have. And it is likely that you wondered to yourself why their life is so great and why they always seem so content and happy. The answer to that question is quite simple: These people have put in the effort to find their true calling in life. These people are happy and content because their lives are flooded with meaning and purpose. The empty void left behind by wandering aimlessly through life is filled and, figuratively speaking, everything in life seems to be brighter. Even when these people face hard times, they accept them and deal with them in a much more effective manner because they know that those obstacles are somehow tied to their purpose.

There are countless things that an individual can choose to do with their life, so it is understandable that many people are lost and do not know where to begin when it comes to finding their true calling. It is important that you know there is much more to discovering what your true calling is in life than just simply asking yourself the question: “what do I want to be when I grow up?” Discovering your true calling in life is a profoundly serious and in-depth process.

Discover Your Calling

This post will go over the importance of finding your true calling in life and will also provide you with some guidelines that you should consider. These strategies will help you to narrow down what your true calling is and will make the whole process much simpler for you.

If true happiness is what you are seeking in life, it is not more money that you need or to become more popular. You need to discover what your true calling in life is. For some people this may be easier than for others. In fact, some people may never discover what their calling is in their entire lifetime. These people will often feel incomplete and will feel as if their life was a complete waste. Your life is a precious gift, and it should not be wasted.

You need to discover what your true calling is not only for yourself, but for the benefit of the whole world. Your life plan includes this calling for a reason. Believe it or not, everything you do has a direct impact on the entire world. This is referred to as the ripple effect. The first ripples will be small, but as they go out, they get wider and wider. The same goes with your actions and what you choose to do with your life. If you do not discover your true calling you will not be able to project out those positive ripples, and therefore you will not fulfill your life’s plan.

The following are some guidelines that you should consider. They will make the task of discovering your true calling much easier.

  • Stay in the Present

While trying to discover what your calling in life is, it is extremely important that you make sure that you keep your mind in the present. Do not focus on the future. Everything we do today will affect our future and that is why it is so important that we are always focused on the here and now. Life is lived one second at a time, so there is no reason to stress about five years from now.

  • Try Different Things

You must get out of your comfort zone or your “safety bubble”. Staying in your comfort zone will not give you the opportunity to try new things. The problem with staying in your comfort zone is that you will never discover what your true calling is if you do not get the opportunity to try it. You should start trying as many new things as you can. Even if you do not think you will like it or be good at it, give it a shot because you never know until you try.

  • Challenge Yourself

You will feel like what you are doing with your life is purposeful when you are constantly challenging yourself. Falling into a desk job where you do the same repetitive, boring tasks every day is probably not anyone’s true calling in life. However, some people may still have to hold down a job while they seek out their true calling in life. For these people, it is important that they constantly challenge themselves, and that they use their extra time to seek out and fulfill their true calling in life.

  • Ditch Your Current Life Plan

Chances are that the life plan that you had set in place for yourself did not include your true calling, especially if you are still trying to discover what your true calling in life is. You may want to consider just letting life flow and learn how to let the universe guide you through your life. Your life is planned before you are even born. The universe will tell you where to go. You just have to listen.

  • Live Your Own Dream

Learn how to live and create your own dreams. Do not look at others and envy them for what they have or wish that you could have their life and their blessings. You need to figure out what your true desires are in life and what you genuinely want. By this I do not mean material objects. I mean what you want from life and what you want your life to be. Stop trying to live someone else’s dream and start living your own!

  • Talk to Those Who Listen

Share your dreams and desires with those that you trust and listen to what you are saying. Also try to speak with people who offer real feedback and ideas. Stay away from those who simply agree with what you are saying or give you one-word responses. Other people can have some unbelievably valuable insight, especially the elderly. So, it may be a good idea to ask them for advice on discovering your calling in life. They may notice talents that you have that you are not aware of.


I hope that you found this post I wrote for you useful.

Be sure to check back often as I continue to explore how to find your life purpose and live a more fulfilling life.

And please know that I am always here to help you…

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