Q.  Who runs Nurture Mind Body and Spirit?

My name is Steven Keller. I am the founder and editor of this site, and author of several books:

 Q.  What are your credentials?

I have devoted over two decades of my life studying spiritual growth and personal development, but my strongest credential for writing about personal growth is that, like you, I have encountered and overcome adversity, celebrated triumphs, tasted defeat, suffered loss and experienced joy countless times.

Quite honestly, I believe I am a lot like most Nurture Mind Body and Spirit readers: I want to make the most of every day. I want to challenge myself to be better, wiser, stronger, more self-aware, and more effective. I want to enjoy as many moments as I can. And I am human – which means some days are better than others.

Q.  May I link to from my site?

Yes, absolutely. Links are greatly appreciated.

Q.  Will Nurture Mind Body and Spirit do a link exchange with my site?

Nurture Mind Body and Spirit does not currently do any type of link exchanging with other sites.

Q.  Can I republish a post from on my blog?

If you’d like to share a post from Nurture Mind Body and Spirit on your blog, you can feel free to do that so long as you include the author’s byline and bio, along with a notation that states, “This post was republished with permission from You can find the original post here.” Please include links to both the homepage and the original post.

If you would like to regularly republish posts (publishing more than three in total), I prefer that you publish a short excerpt for each one, ending with a link that directs readers to view the full post on Nurture Mind Body and Spirit.

Q.  Can I advertise on Nurture Mind Body and Spirit?

Absolutely! Please contact me, Steven, via our contact form or email for more information.

Q.  How can I receive updates from Nurture Mind Body and Spirit?

There are several ways to receive and share wisdom through Nurture Mind Body and Spirit:

  • Subscribe to the blog for frequent motivational emails
  • Follow Nurture Mind Body and Spirit on Twitter
  • “Like” Nurture Mind Body and Spirit on Facebook
  • Visit the NMBS Channel on YouTube

Q. Can I email you for personal advice?

We receive many requests for advice, and lately we have been overwhelmed by them. You may want to check out our no cost Support Groups page to find the immediate help and support you need. Or give consideration to our affordable Life Coaching service.

Q. How can I interview Steven for my blog, podcast, radio show, etc.?

Please use the contact form to share what you have in mind.

Please include information such as:

  1.   Which topic(s) you’d like to cover in the interview
  2.  Type of media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, web site, or podcast
  3.   Expected duration (30 minutes, an hour, etc.)
  4.   Where the interview will be published
  5.   Estimated readership, listeners, or web traffic
  6.   Time constraints or deadline for doing the interview, if any
  7.   Your contact info

Phone, Skype, or in-person interviews are preferred as real-time interactions are more personal, lively and enjoyable than email or text interviews.

Q.  How can I invite Steven to speak at our upcoming event?

If you’d like to invite Steven to speak at your event, please use the contact form.

Please include the following:

  1.   Location and dates of your event
  2.   Event website
  3.   Organization name
  4.   Desired presentation duration
  5.   Your topic preferences
  6.   Estimated number of attendees expected
  7.   Your contact info

Please provide as much advance notice as possible.

Q.  Why does Nurture Mind Body and Spirit accept donations?

Donations are accepted because our readers requested a way to donate.

Shortly after Nurture Mind Body and Spirit launched, readers who were appreciative of our inspirational articles wanted to help share our message. To show their support they began sending cash and checks in the mail. People eventually started asking for a way to donate online, so this feature was added to the site in 2018.

Most people donate around $10, but many readers have donated significantly larger sums. To date, the largest donation received has been $500.

If you’d like to donate to support Nurture Mind Body and Spirit’s work and philanthropic efforts, please visit our Donations page.

Q.  Which web host does use? is hosted on a cloud-based server from SiteGround. They have a well-earned reputation for outstanding support and very reasonable prices. They are highly recommended!

If you can think of any other question that we should add to this page, please contact us via email to let us know. We appreciate your feedback!

Steven Keller

Founder, Nurture Mind Body and Spirit