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This is the current selection of self-improvement and personal development eBooks offered by Nurture Mind Body and Spirit.  Our current collection of self-help books can help you get started with self-improvement and personal growth and reach your full potential.

Here, you can find a variety of eBooks to get started on your personal development journey. All these publications implement our unique approach to self-improvement and living fully. They are designed for people who want to move forward effectively and create tremendous success.

Whether you want to develop your confidence, transform your life, or improve your relationships, we’ve got the self-development book for you.


This Has To Be Cheaper Than Therapy

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We all have areas of our lives where we desire to see change; areas we need to come up higher or addictions and strangleholds that we need to break. We all face situations in life that feel out of control. During times like these, it’s easy to get discouraged and allow fear to creep in. You have the power to change.

If you want your life to get better, you will have to get better first. This book will give you step by step instructions to do just that! 

This is a book on self-transformation book. It teaches us the art of simple living. It contains seven virtues for a life abundant with inner peace, joy and a wealth of spiritual gifts.  And you will discover several common-sense tips and techniques to incorporate these seven virtues into your daily existence. It encourages us to read more, eat less, exercise every day and spend more time with our family. 

By applying many of the lessons in his book, I have been able to create a richer, fuller, more meaningful life. I believe it will help you achieve wellness and replenish your sense of wonder for the world we live in by strengthening your mind, body and spirit.

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The Warrior Mindset eBook

eBooks For Personal Development Develop a Warrior Mindset

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In fact, the hooligans that start bar fights and think that they’re ‘tough’ for starting fights are about as far from true warriors as it gets. 

Ask anyone who has seen real combat if they would want to risk their health and waste their energy on looking for trouble.

This is about knowing what you want and going for it.

It’s about being tough and it’s about not letting little things get you down.

It’s about pushing ahead with what you know is right and it’s about carrying responsibility and hardship on your shoulders with dignity and pride.

It’s about not letting your emotions get the better of you and it’s about not taking the easy answer or the easy route to solve your problems.

The point is that some people manage to stay cool and calm in even the worst situations. Some people constantly forge ahead and do not allow small inconveniences or a lack of creature comforts stand in their way.

And those people put us to shame. Those people make our complaints seem very minor indeed.

Now imagine if you could take that same mindset and apply it to modern life.

If you want to get a step-by-step road-map for getting the Bulletproof Mindset of a Fearless Warrior, just click the link below!

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Power of Discipline eBook

eBooks For Personal Development The Power of Discipline         

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Why are some people more successful than others? Why do some people make more money, live happier lives and accomplish much more in the same number of years than the great majority?

The most important success principle of all was stated by Thomas Huxley many years ago. He said, “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

People who make it in life, whether that’s becoming rich, running a successful business or living life on their own terms, have all developed the skill of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the key to personal greatness. It is the magic quality that opens all doors for you, and makes everything else possible. With self-discipline, the average person can rise as far and as fast as his talents and intelligence can take him. But without self-discipline, a person with every blessing of background, education and opportunity will seldom rise above mediocrity.

Have you ever wished you were doing more with your life? The Power of Discipline illustrates how discipline alone can be the difference between winning and losing, between greatness and mediocrity. In this report I will describe the power of discipline and how the practice of self-discipline will be key to your success. It is my hope that you’ll find a few “nuggets” that will help make your dreams come true.

You will never develop anything of any consequence if you are not disciplined. However, if you are disciplined, you can have anything you seriously want.

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Your Inner Greatness eBook

eBooks For Personal Development Unlock Your True Potential


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Have you ever wondered how another highly successful person can help you channel your inner greatness to phenomenal success? Do you want to get more in touch with your own inner greatness?

YOU are special. You have powers and abilities inside of you unlike anyone else, and they need to be developed. Or maybe I should say released.

If you were going to build a business, raise a child, or play a simple game of checkers wouldn’t you want the best parts of you to step up and help? That’s what greatness is all about: getting the best parts of you to show up, while constantly becoming better. True greatness has nothing to do with fame, money, or social prestige. It’s about constantly evolving and performing at your best.

What Is Greatness?

Every day and all over the world people are doing amazing things. There are people who have mastered their passions and who are achieving some magnificent results. Likely there is an expert who is doing exactly what you would want to be doing right now.

These people are not super-human or somehow unreachable, but rather they do everyday things and have strategies that you can learn to be highly successful as well.

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Look for more personal development eBooks from us soon. 


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